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When you think of going to Disneyland, you probably think of the Magic Kingdom. However, it would be best if you also considered Epcot. Disneyworld is one of the major attractions in the US, but most tourists only visit other parks and completely ignore Epcot. 

It is understandable as most of the fantastic rides are in the former. However, there are many excellent reasons why you should consider going to Epcot. If you are only considering visiting Disneyworld for a day, Epcot will be the worse option. 

On the other hand, if you have more time, Epcot will be worth it. 

The following are reasons why: 

Thrilling Experience

Epcot has never been the most exciting park among Disney theme parks, but improvements are slowly changing it. For example, the park recently put in a new roller coaster that has a top speed of up to 65 miles per hour. The management is transforming the theme park to offer a more thrilling experience to customers. They are also building more rides, and Epcot is home to two of the newest Disney rides. 

Therefore, you should get in early at Epcot before more people become aware of the excitement you can enjoy at the park.

Family Fun

Disney’s Epcot theme park is an excellent place for family fun. The rides they have added to the park recently are particularly enticing. Other Disneyland parks are often crowded, and most rides are geared toward children. However, at Epcot, teenagers and adults can enjoy the rides. 

You should check out a guide to every attraction at Epcot, listed & ranked, to determine which rides you would like to experience at the park. There are also play areas where one parent can look after the younger ones as they run around while the other parent goes on rides with the older kids. 

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Good Food

Not all Disneyland resorts are created equal, and this is especially true pertaining to food. However, the food at Epcot is fantastic and a major reason why you should visit the park. The park has some of the best restaurants in the Disney theme park world. You will find all types of foods at the restaurants, including Italian, French, and American cuisine. The portions are large and very competitively priced. 

Moreover, because there is not as much traffic as in other Disney parks, you can take your time and enjoy the meal. The restaurants at Epcot serve beer and cocktails, but you can enjoy delicious smoothies if you want non-alcoholic beverages. 

Easy To Reach

Disneyworld theme parks are humongous, and the four major parks take up space the size of San Francisco. 

Therefore, traveling between your hotel and the parks takes a long time. Epcot is a different story because it has nine resorts, making it easy to access the rides unless you stay elsewhere. There is also a monorail which can transport you to different parts of the park. Moreover, most parts of the park are within walking distance, making for a great outdoor experience. 

Nighttime Entertainment

For 20 years, Epcot had the same nighttime routine, but in 2021, they introduced a new show called ‘Harmonious.’ It is an epic show with lasers, water fountains, and massive floating screens. The show’s theme song is very catchy, and you will not help dancing to it. 

A fireworks display at the end of the show continues alongside the music and dancing on your way out of the park. Spaceship Earth’s new lighting is magnificent, and the giant sphere can be lit in limitless colors and patterns. 

Epcot is rarely the first choice for Disneyland visitors. However, the park is making huge improvements, and it is worth touring the park. It is easy to reach, has excellent food, and offers fantastic family fun, nighttime entertainment, and a thrilling experience. We believe Epcot is a must-see park, and if you doubt it, visit it once and prepare to be impressed.

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