Bengals Film Room: Tycen Anderson can fly

After using a safety with their first decide, the Cincinnati Bengals additional a different on Working day 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft, moving up to choose Tycen Anderson in Spherical 5.

The previous Toledo Rocket’s tests was off the charts, highlighted by a 4.36 40 at 6-2 209. In addition to elite athletic capacity, he has two other points the Bengals appreciate: Intelligence and versatility.

The 2017 St. John’s Jesuit Large College valedictorian performed all more than the Toledo secondary and extensively on special teams.

Let’s just take a look at what he delivers to Cincinnati.

Anderson is lined up on the 49-property-line in close proximity to the middle of the Toledo Rockets brand.

In this clip, the receiver releases inside and begins to operate vertically up the hash. Anderson matches up, but the receiver cuts underneath him to the publish. Anderson turns away from the receiver, whipping his hips about and accelerating to match up with the receiver again. This is both called a bicycle or a pace switch, dependent on who you inquire. No matter what you call it, Anderson executes it beautifully, showcasing his pace and fluid hips.

Anderson is #1, lined up around the innermost receiver on the excursions aspect of the development.

On the snap, Anderson methods forward, seeking to jam and disrupt the release of the receiver. This backfires as the receiver freely releases to the inside of and runs a drag route. Anderson displays exceptional pace running across the development and having beneath the route. No a single is best in protection, but Anderson has the athletic means to make up for faults.

Anderson is #1, lined up in the middle of the field on the 32-yard line at the snap.

Speaking of pace, verify out Anderson in this clip.

He is in the middle of the industry, but when the ball is thrown to the functioning back on the shoot route in the flat, Anderson gets there in a hurry to make the deal with.

Anderson is #1, standing up on the near edge.

Of course, the Bengals participate in in the AFC North, a division where by their greatest rivals are at present the Browns and the group formerly known as the Browns, in no specific buy. So each player on the defense requires to be ready to play the run.

In this clip, the offensive operates the ball absent from Anderson. As the cutback participant, he slides down the line of scrimmage and will make the tackle for a quick sport. This was an excellent participate in.

This play demonstrates not only his tackling skill, but his knowledge of his role inside the defensive scheme and how he requirements to in good shape in opposition to the run.

Anderson is lined up at linebacker depth to the best of the tackle box.

In this clip, Anderson techniques down, honoring the enjoy-motion, but he retains his eyes up. As the quarterback can take off managing, Anderson disengages from the block, and with a excellent burst, will get to the ball-provider to make the deal with.

This was a great engage in.

Anderson is an superb overall player, with the speed and intelligence to grow to be an critical aspect of this workforce on both equally protection and particular groups. Expect him to make the staff and see a large amount of action on kick protection units as a rookie.

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